Felt underlays

Protects the pool covering


Guaranteed bather comfort

• ALBON PP 200 - PP 300: for concrete pools.
• ALBON PET 500: for all pool supports except concrete.
• ALBON PET 500 felt underlay: it will save you time during installation and can be repositioned.


For bubble


4 new models

• BASIC: The most affordable.For pools up to 5 x 10 m.
• PLUS 4/5: Quality and strength.For pools up to 5 x 16 m.
• PLUS 5/6,5: Quality and strength.For pools up to 6,5 x 16 m.
• FORTE: Mobile roller for pools up to 10 x 35 m.

Bubble covers & Rollers

Gripper strapl...


...universal fixings

They are used to fix a rough cut bubble cover to a roller or to attach a cover with eyelets.

What colour do you want...

...your swimming pool water to be?


Using the LINER app specific to the ALBON collection:

• you can view how our liners look in the water,
• add a frieze,
• or create the two-colour combination of your choosing.

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